Thursday, 14 February 2008

One week till i get a Tan!!

I am so excited, i am going to Florida for reading week. I am going to get a tan!!! And besides that i finally have pictures from the Mayan pottery i get to work on. No i didn't put it together, but yes i get to take it apart and put it back together better. All the assembly was done in the field so it is rough and i will keep all my comments about archaeologists to myself.

the next pictures are some of the best and saddest about this project, i bet you can see why. but i need to go to bed and sleep, and will try to add more later.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Another year older

Birthday number 28 has come and gone. It is odd. I never could have imagined what 28 would be like 10 years ago. I thought i would be like my parents and already have a family and a job and a life, but i find myself still in school, single and i work at Michael's part time. I wonder where i will be in 10 years. I would hope that at least i will have finished schooling and have a job. It would be nice not to be single anymore, but i am not going to push my luck.

Now that i have that off my chest. I was in toronto for my birthday and mat's birthday. Good times had by all. I also got to see anne and steve. it was sooooooo good and anne is sooooooo preggers. HOLY TOODLES! She looks great, i am sad i couldn't have spent more time with her and steve.
I am now back in Peterborough (gack) and procrastinating typing up a short paper. maybe i should do that and go to sleep, sleep is soooooooo good!