Monday, 21 January 2008

The Biggest PomPom Ever

I do believe i have created the biggest pompom ever! ok maybe not the biggest, but pretty darn close. I will add pictures in a minute. The pompom is attached to a hat for Lee (guy from class). I was informed earlier that this particular pompom is going to start some sort of pompom war, well more of a debate on who's pompom is bigger his or Chelsea's pompom. I will keep you all informed, and as it is late and i have class early, oh and the person wearing the hat is Michelle my roommate...

...The next day! So i gave the hat to Lee and he said he loved it, but was totally self conscious of just how big the pompom actually was. So he attempted to trim it, and failed. I was just informed that he butchered it and cut the whole thing off. And so the giant pompom is dead! It is a sad day!

Monday, 7 January 2008

It seems that i am to "understand wood"

"Understanding Wood" the name of one of my new text books. i some how feel dirty owning this book, i don't know why. but if the title isn't enough the first line of the book is, "Wood comes from trees." somehow i think that this term is going to be an "interesting" one. The best part is that i still have Fridays off. but of course i work for most Fridays oh well rent needs to be paid.

I am coming to hate peterborough more and more. It is not a city that endears itself to me and it makes me feel like less of a person for living here even thought it is for school. I somehow think that i am going to be snubbed in my field for taking the course here. That is the feeling i have, but am reassured by many that i am wrong, as it is one of 2 places to take the course, other being a 3 year masters course at queens.

I am being forced to the gym at lest 2 times a week. When i say "forced" i don't really mean that, as i agreed to go of my own free will, but have gym buddies that remind me that i said i would and the glorious guilt sets in and I go. we will see how long this lasts.

Christmas was a drunken good time, I wish I had had longer at home, I miss my family and I miss waterloo. I miss my friends of which i am neglecting to call or write which makes me a bad friend. I would like to say in my defence that i get so depressed that all i want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep which is usually the outcome. I wish i had the strength of character to be on the ball all the time. Many people here have commented that i am a Ball of energy and bubbly all the time. I wish that were true.

Anyways, it is the beginning of another school term and I am already behind in my readings, probably because i can not take my text book seriously. The new classes look interesting, i have had two of 6 we shall see if the rest are going to be alright or not.

On that note, i am off to bed, sleep is good, it seems it is the only thing good at the moment.