Sunday, 8 November 2009


Sunday is suppose to be a relaxing day, not so today. First i realize that I don't have any eggs so pancakes is out of the question. Then i decide oh grill cheese and coffee. I get it all ready and fill the french press with coffee and hot water then i try to pick it up by the handle. It breaks and now there is coffee grinds and water all over my kitchen. Did i mention it soaked all the bread i was going to use for grill cheese which happened to be the last of the bread. yup breakfast idea #2 out the window. So i clean the kitchen and set the kettle to boil again in hopes that i will soon have caffeine in my system. So sunday morning not so relaxing so far.

As for how I found out I was in a street view in google maps. Well that day i was all confused about the weird car that kept driving by me with a weird contraption on top. i then learned it was for google maps and then promptly forgot that it ever happened until the other day at work some one was telling me they found their wife on the street view in google maps. I totally remembered the weird car and set out to see if it actually captured me. And it seams that it did.

I am going to attempt to do laundry, hopefully the disasters stop. (knock on wood)

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Yup it is November

As the title states it is November, and I suck at this blogging thing.
I did find my self on the street view in google maps today.
in maps type in :Northlake Dr / Green Meadow Crescent, Waterloo, ON, Canada and look for the blue truck, you will have to spin around a bit. Zoom in once and i should be there walking with a bag.

Look at me I have been googleded


Monday, 17 August 2009

Saturday Morning Wanderings

I get a text at work Friday saying, we are going to a birthday party and I forgot to tell you [oh Phil never change:)]. SO I end up at this party and consuming copious amounts of alcohol, crash on Phil and Tatiana's couch after eating pizza and watching a weird movies I don't really remember except it had vampires in it. Anyways that is not the craziest thing i did. Well as I now have a job with a regular schedule I get up every morning at 7 am. no matter the circumstances. And so I proceed to wake up at 7 am and can not fall back asleep. I creep out of the apartment leaving a note for phil and T and walk to get my car and go home. As I am driving I am met with a large amount of FOG. Yup like pea soup. You would think I would want to get out of it as fast as I could, but like the crazy person I am, I get home ditch my bag, grab my camera and head out for a stroll at 7 in the morning after a full night of drinking and going to bed around 2ish i think, I didn't really look at the clock. And yes that was one sentence! So here are some of the pictures I took that morning. Enjoy!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

New Sandles

SO I am now the owner of the worlds most expensive flip flops. Desperation feuled my purchasing them as walking barefoot downtown ish edmonton (whyte ave area) is not the most fun thing to do. And I think I was making Tatiana very nervous. This all came about when my flip flops decided to die while wandering around the heritage festival (I think that is what it was called). Finally making it to something that was open on the holiday monday and thinking that they were actually on sale, but was oh so wrong. $8 later I know own the classiest flip flops know to man as you can plainly see in the photo. Yes there are skulls and yes there are roses. Need i say more.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


And so my camera has decided to not work. I am hoping that all the batteries i have are just not good enough to turn it on. Paycheck number one should help in that department. Time to buy some really good re-chargeable batteries. SO no fun pictures of the crazy creation I made, Next time!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

New Location New Attempt at Blogging!

So Edmonton,

That is where I am currently living. I should probably eventually settle down and pick a place to live for more than one year at a time. Well that is the theory. I am all about the theories, which most people know. Anyways I had the most amazing road trip with Justine coming out here. Love her to bits, and would not have done the trip without her. Here are a few pictures of our adventure across this crazy country:

Yes that is a giant tomahawk and yes it was in a town called cut knife and yes we feared for our lives just a little bit.

You also must love the signs telling you that death and injury have occurred on the hike you are about to do!

This is our new friend and mascot :
Maurice Le Castor
I believe he helped keep us sane after the 10 hour driving days

If you look close enough you can sea that we are both sporting the glasses with sunglasses
over top. The glories of oversized sunglasses!

So the new theory is that I am going to try and actually update this blog more often than one every few months. I am going to give it some actual effort this time or as I said, as the theory goes!

Monday, 18 May 2009


I finally got a job! it only took me 5 months but who is counting. It is at a little museum/campground which combines two of my favorite things to do, camping and working in a museum. The bonus is, I get to camp all summer! Which should be interesting, but doable.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Fun in the Snow

So today the temp reached 0 oC which made it ideal to make a snow man. As seen in the picture my nephew Evan and I mad a snowman named Mr. Snowman (Evan chose the name). He was all bundled up while i was out in just a hoody and gloves. Evan then wanted to play tag but managed to fall into a snow drift that was over his head and up to my chest. All in all it was a fun day!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Stupid Computer!

So All computers are evil. Mine decided today to stop working and then erase most of my hard drive. I believe I have fixed it all on my own but I had to download a bunch of stuff. SO angry! Boo Urns this sucks, I jsut want to be able to turn the stupid thing on and use it and it not decide to do stupid stuff. Is that too much to ask!

On a different note I may just apply to work at Tim Hortons in Afghanistan. it pays well and i gert to hang out with cute army boys. Lets see if I actually do it.

Friday, 2 January 2009

A New Year and a New Beginning to the Blog

So 2008 is finished and 2009 is here. I am officially finished school and have been looking for a job in my field. Which is frustrating and slow going. There are days when I think oh all will be well and things will eventually get better. Then there are the few moments (which are very few but none the less disturbing) when I think have I chosen the right path? Did I just waste another 2 years of my life and a bunch of money learning a new profession just to end up unemployed? There are others from my graduating class that have found something. I just need to keep telling myself all will be well.

On a brighter note friends Tara and Rob are now officially married! All I can say to this is: Its about time:) Their wedding was great and a good time was had by all!

So onto another year full of new experiences yet to be had!