Monday, 11 January 2010

So many things to say, too lazy to actually post them.

It is January 2010, how nutter is that.
This is the year I turn 30 and I so didn't think I would be where I am today 10 years ago, but I have learned to roll with it.
New niece Emily
New nephew Mattaius
Almost new niece (marc and kathey's baby)
I am painting again (see attached pictures) which reminds me I need to go and buy more paint.
And I am going back to Ontario for the dreaded 30th birthday. I am going to celebrate with my peeps or most of them anyways as a lot of them are scattered all over the place. You will be missed.

ok picture time:
in order:
1) crazy 4 part picture for alison
2) the snowman I made today because the snow in Edmonton is finally wet enough to make one (I miss moisture)
3) painting that I have dubbed "Goats of the Serengeti"