Wednesday, 28 November 2007

2 weeks left in the term

Soooooooo tired.
i cannot wait till the term is over, but to get there i have to go through hell week, with more assignments and tests than i can count on both hands :(
I think i am going to spend some time after hell week and figure out how to put pictures on this blog thing. I would love to show you the progress i have done since i started this course. I am much more excited about the metals in this course than the ceramics. It will be interesting to see how i feel after we do textiles and organic materials.
I am starting to get slightly excited about Christmas, but only because i get to go home. Christmas is still dead to me, because i work in retail. I feel more and more like Charlie Brown. I still cannot understand how Christmas has turned into this crazy time when people go temporarily insane, and this is excepted by society. People are "allowed" to turn in to greedy, bitchy, stuck up, rude and shallow people and no one says a thing. Isn't that the opposite of what Christmas is suppose to be?

I get so angry at what this holiday has become!!!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note we made a snowman the other day, it seems collage students do not appreciate snowmen as he was kicked in and stomped on within a couple of hours. so sad, Clyde had no chance.

I am sad now, i am going to go to bed, i hope everyone else is more happy than i am about this holiday.

Friday, 16 November 2007

No Longer Homeless!!

I am not longer Homeless!!!
So excited, i am now living in an apartment with Michelle from school. i have 2 thats right 2 closets! how cool is that. rent is slightly higher than the old place, but it is so much better for my mental health. Now all i have to work on is not feeling like i want to sleep all the time. I hope it is not mono. i would be sooooooooooo mad if it was. I at least want to have kissed someone to have gotten it. but alas i am as single as ever.

On and even cooler note, i get to clean and put back together Mayan pottery, dating somewhere about 900AD. how cool is that! i am excited. who would have thought i would be this excited over really old pottery. I will admit it i am such a nerd, i know and i accept this fact. At the moment i am treating an iron pot, it was covered in what looked like burnt cheese, but really was some sort of caked on goo. Oh and i am starting documentation on a silver trophy circa 1924.

sorry for the nerding out, i get caught up in things some times. oh i also had to do a photo documentation project. i really need my own camera, and not a crappy point and click one either. oh well maybe it will be an OSAP thing. but we will see if i can afford that after i pay people back.

time to get back to the essay on fish glue,


Friday, 2 November 2007

Squatting at Chelsea's

Squatting is fun! it is like a really long sleepover. i am excited about getting into a new place and not overstaying my welcome here. I am so glad about getting out of that crazy house, but am slightly worried about the chaos affecting my school work! ok i have to go, brain is broke again!

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


so excited, i found someone to take over my lease!!!! i am getting out of here. such a relief or it was until i found out she needs to move in Friday. this Friday, i do not have a place to live yet, well i have an offer for a couch for a few days, i jsut need to find a place for my junk to live for a few days.
wow i can not believe this worked out. i was totally expecting to stay here and go insane. ok have to finish 2 projects and start packing and maybe sleep.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Brain is Broke

my brain is so broken. work sucks the life out of you, and sleep oh sleep if only i could see more of you. I am suppose to be studying for a quiz tomorrow on the code of ethics for conservators and every time i start the book it makes my brain even more broke. Oh the joys of procrastination!

now i feel bad, maybe i should give it one more try before going to sleep. Oh boo i jsut remembered i have to take the bus tomorrow, i have to get up and hour earlier then i use to because mom and dad took the car away from me. not because i was trashing it, but because supposedly my brother needed it more than i did. i say boo to that! Again the random thoughts, welcome to my brain!!!

Friday, 26 October 2007

so sad

so i am sad. i don't know the reason, i think it may be a lot of factors. Life just doesn't seem happy anymore. Maybe i am just really tired, maybe it is because i am alone, maybe it is because, my work environment sucks, maybe it is where i live at the moment in the house from hell, maybe it is school and how much work they want to cram into 14 weeks. All i want to do is be content. things don't have to be perfect, or just right. I just want to be able to not be on the verge of tears all the time. I don't think i am asking much, or maybe i am asking the world. who knows, i sure as well don't. It would be nice if there really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but realistically my faith in the existence of said pot of gold seems to no longer exist.

Back in Peterborough

so i am back in the "lovely" city of Peterborough and am neglecting to clean my room.
Soooooo tired.
Work sucks and customers are bitchy. Now i get to look forward to roommates coming home and the mountain of homework. I get to try and find a subletter, oh please dear god i need a subletter. ok i need food, maybe the brain won't be so broken after i eat, or maybe it is permanent we will soon see.

see i did warn you the random chaotic nature of my brain!

Thursday, 25 October 2007

ok so this is how it works!

Ok poeple, so i am venturing into the land of blogging, look at me!!!
I figured that people want to know what is going on in my life, and yes i am working on the assumption that people actually like me and want to know what goes on in my life. I am currently back home in the loo for a visit and will be taking the bus back to peterborough in a few hours. Not looking forward to it at all. Long bus rides make me irratable.
Anyways this is going to be where i spew my random and chaotic thoughts. So good luck godspeed and enjoy the ride.