Friday, 28 March 2008

How does one walk wiht two broken feet !

Hello again,

So it seems that stairs and Mary do not mix, and when said Mary misses the last stair and twists both ankles and bruises both feet all is not well with the world. So after easter dinner and a whole bunch of food and alcohol i totally missed the last stair and fell causing some spectacular bruising.
The one up part of this is that i got to miss 2 days of work.

Other than the not really being able to walk and taking mass quantities of advil to stop the pain, school is crazy busy and i spend even more time in the lab. Oh on a "fun" note our class has to put on and create and exhibition in the front foyer of the college. YAY more stress, but if i get some good pictures i will post them. Oh and the reproduction i had to make for class is on display at Trent university archaeology department. So it seems i am good at making copies of objects who would have thought.

Peterborough is still covered in mass quantiles of snow and i am really not impressed. It is spring and the snow should be going away but still it hangs about.

Alright i am suppose to be doing a project so i should get going on that.