Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Subconscious

Is there a way to tell your subconscious that you really want to stop dreaming about something? Really! I have made decisions in my life and as far as I knew I was happy with them. But then the dreams start and they continue to pop up when I lease expect it and they bring back all the uncertainty and what ifs and could it have gone differently? Seriously there is nothing I can do to change things so why does my brain decide to rehash things while I sleep. Oh and the best part is, they are super vivid dreams that I can remember every detail including colours and smells. I wake up saying "wow, but that never happened".

I thought your dreams were suppose to help you, or tell you what is happening in the back of your mind. But rehashing events from months or years ago don't make sense. And making up what could have happened is even more unhelpful. Also does it need to make all the possible outcomes happy ones?

I am happy, well mostly. I am falling in love with Winnipeg (crazy I know but seriously this city is AMAZING), I am content with the job I have. Hell I know a large group of people who would kill to have my job, and would love it if I left it. That is not going to happen anytime soon. The lovely student loans that need to be paid off and the fact that I like being in control of my life and not having to scramble for rent each month is what is keeping me happily employed. That and my job is awesome! Who else gets to physically handle 300 year old books and documents, let alone fix or rebind them?

There are things I am not content with, I will admit that. I am tired of traveling alone for one thing, (I want a partner in crime who I can travel with and do the everyday things with), and I am far away from the people who would make me soup if I was sick (was recently sick and had to make my own soup, it was sad). But for the most part I am a happy person.

So in short, I do believe my Imagination has run away with itself and gone on some sort of bender without me. How inconsiderate of my imagination!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Hiatus Is Over!

So the FB and Twitter hiatus is over, and there was a hour or two looking over what I missed. There were like 30 notifications and 1 friend request, the one friend request being the only thing that was note worthy in the notifications. What I did miss were updates from family members and fun posts from friends and I learned that a friend just got engaged!
The thing is, I don't feel the need to be on FB all the time any more. I am still going to randomly post the strange and wacky and random things I get into. Don't get me wrong I missed posting with Instagram the most. There were many times this past week where I took photos with my phone and wanted to post the pictures and they will eventually be posted, but I kind of feel like I was on a vacation or something where there was no Internet connection.
One happy thing is that  rediscovered this place where I can randomly spew what is in my brain and only a few people if anyone actually reads it :)
 The question is am I going to be able to maintain a balance between my life connected and my everyday life here in the Peg.

Fingers Crossed :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Where everyone knows your name...

So apparently I have a place where everyone knows my name and sadly it is not the Toad (my local pub). It is the Starbucks near work. I walk in and every single employee chimes in with "Hi Mary! How's it going?". The funny part is, is that they still don't remember all of the other people from work who have been going there longer than I have. Apparently I am a memorable person, who knew? It shocked me I can tell you!

OK so onto a pet peeve I have. People need to respond to e-mails I send them! Sorry I have some anger about this. Really I don't mind if you don't reply right away or even in the the next day or two. I get it people are busy! But really I don't sent out spam or crazy chain letters or those, if you don't send this to 20 people in the next minute your world will end type e-mails. Why can't people respond? I do all the work in initiating conversations and the least people can do is reply. Seriously Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

OK time for a beer at my local and hopefully sometime soon everyone there will also know my name :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Here I go again!

Hummm.... I kind of forgot that this existed. But since I am on a one week hiatus from facebook and twitter, I started to explore all the links in my bookmarks folder. Lo and behold, my highly neglected blog. I am sure no one actually looks at this anymore if they ever did, but as the title says Here I go Again...

So winnipeg, a city that is the butt of many jokes but is finding a small place in my heart. So many hidden gems and character hidden just under the surface....but more on that at a later date.

Current distraction is pottery. Taking a pottery class and it is way too much fun! Apparently I am some sort of super star (or at least I like to tell myself that) as I managed to actually throw a few good pieces the very first time I used a potter's wheel ( which i am told is very difficult) and today I created a tea pot (which the teacher said I nailed it). The only thing I am not so happy with is the glazing process, that is something that is sort of a challenge for me, but eventually I will get that as well :)

One of these days I am going to pick a craft/medium and stick with it, but until then I am just going to continue to be my crazy chaotic self :)