Monday, 28 July 2008

3 weeks left

OMG I can not believe I am almost finished! woo woo! I never thought my stint in Peterborough would ever end. I have 3 weeks left of classes then i am back in waterloo for 4 months doing my internship at Doon Heritage Crossroads. I am super excited about this as i get to sleep in my wonderful bed and I get to be where people like me! Now to get though these next few weeks. The time is totally flying and I have sooooooo much still to do before I break free!

Ok now that I have gotten that off my chest, Nothing else is really new with me except I am an aunt again. My brother Marcus and his wife Kathy just had a little boy named Joshua. Now I have two nephews I can spoil rotten! It is kind of weird to think i am now an aunt well an aunt twice over, I don't feel that old. Any yet two of my younger siblings are parents. At times like this I get the feeling that I got passed over, and that despite the fact that I eventually would like a child of my own, I feel sometimes that it will never come to pass. People tell me that I am too picky and that I will never find someone because I am picky, but my thoughts on this are: that if you were really meant to share your life with some other person then you shouldn't have to lower your expectations just because there is someone close to what you want but not quite right. Why should I settle for not quite right when I can in theory have Just right. This doesn't mean I am not apposed to dating, that is how you find out what you like and what you dislike in other people and yourself. I just think that I shouldn't have to settle for less then want I want. Love is not something to be taken lightly.

Wow look at me being all deep thoughts today. Alright back to chemistry!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

School = No Life

So it would seem that school has taken over my life. But not in the fun way where group projects are discussed over a picture of beer or homework happen in the park on a sunny day. No i am stuck in a class of people who all act like they want to be in high school again. It blows my mind to think that people my age or slightly younger are going to treat others this way. I didn't sign up and pay for school to be caught in the middle of drama. I am in school to learn new skills to hopefully be employable when i finish. Why is it that people feel the need to put others down, to exclude people because they are slightly different or they are nice to the slightly different people. I am not saying that everyone should get along, what i am saying is that common courtesy has totally gone out the window.

Well that was a rant, anyways so school really is ruling my life. I wake up in a cold sweet in the middle of the night because i think i have forgotten to hand something in, or have fallen asleep on my books and there is a huge drool stain on the page. I need to be finished with the whole school think. i thought i was finished when i graduated university. All i want to do is get on with my life. it seems i am in a school rut and need to get out of it. Soon i keep telling myself, soon. Soon jsut never seems to come!

Monday, 14 April 2008

Almost done!

and so the winter term is almost finished. One more exam and one more artifact to finish. I am so excited!!!!! Also i get to go home for an entire week. this makes me really happy as this place (peterborough) is not a happy place for me. It would seem that people here don't really like me and think i am irritating and annoying. Now really that is just not cool.
anyways here are some pictures from some of my objects. Enjoy!

Friday, 28 March 2008

How does one walk wiht two broken feet !

Hello again,

So it seems that stairs and Mary do not mix, and when said Mary misses the last stair and twists both ankles and bruises both feet all is not well with the world. So after easter dinner and a whole bunch of food and alcohol i totally missed the last stair and fell causing some spectacular bruising.
The one up part of this is that i got to miss 2 days of work.

Other than the not really being able to walk and taking mass quantities of advil to stop the pain, school is crazy busy and i spend even more time in the lab. Oh on a "fun" note our class has to put on and create and exhibition in the front foyer of the college. YAY more stress, but if i get some good pictures i will post them. Oh and the reproduction i had to make for class is on display at Trent university archaeology department. So it seems i am good at making copies of objects who would have thought.

Peterborough is still covered in mass quantiles of snow and i am really not impressed. It is spring and the snow should be going away but still it hangs about.

Alright i am suppose to be doing a project so i should get going on that.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

One week till i get a Tan!!

I am so excited, i am going to Florida for reading week. I am going to get a tan!!! And besides that i finally have pictures from the Mayan pottery i get to work on. No i didn't put it together, but yes i get to take it apart and put it back together better. All the assembly was done in the field so it is rough and i will keep all my comments about archaeologists to myself.

the next pictures are some of the best and saddest about this project, i bet you can see why. but i need to go to bed and sleep, and will try to add more later.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Another year older

Birthday number 28 has come and gone. It is odd. I never could have imagined what 28 would be like 10 years ago. I thought i would be like my parents and already have a family and a job and a life, but i find myself still in school, single and i work at Michael's part time. I wonder where i will be in 10 years. I would hope that at least i will have finished schooling and have a job. It would be nice not to be single anymore, but i am not going to push my luck.

Now that i have that off my chest. I was in toronto for my birthday and mat's birthday. Good times had by all. I also got to see anne and steve. it was sooooooo good and anne is sooooooo preggers. HOLY TOODLES! She looks great, i am sad i couldn't have spent more time with her and steve.
I am now back in Peterborough (gack) and procrastinating typing up a short paper. maybe i should do that and go to sleep, sleep is soooooooo good!

Monday, 21 January 2008

The Biggest PomPom Ever

I do believe i have created the biggest pompom ever! ok maybe not the biggest, but pretty darn close. I will add pictures in a minute. The pompom is attached to a hat for Lee (guy from class). I was informed earlier that this particular pompom is going to start some sort of pompom war, well more of a debate on who's pompom is bigger his or Chelsea's pompom. I will keep you all informed, and as it is late and i have class early, oh and the person wearing the hat is Michelle my roommate...

...The next day! So i gave the hat to Lee and he said he loved it, but was totally self conscious of just how big the pompom actually was. So he attempted to trim it, and failed. I was just informed that he butchered it and cut the whole thing off. And so the giant pompom is dead! It is a sad day!

Monday, 7 January 2008

It seems that i am to "understand wood"

"Understanding Wood" the name of one of my new text books. i some how feel dirty owning this book, i don't know why. but if the title isn't enough the first line of the book is, "Wood comes from trees." somehow i think that this term is going to be an "interesting" one. The best part is that i still have Fridays off. but of course i work for most Fridays oh well rent needs to be paid.

I am coming to hate peterborough more and more. It is not a city that endears itself to me and it makes me feel like less of a person for living here even thought it is for school. I somehow think that i am going to be snubbed in my field for taking the course here. That is the feeling i have, but am reassured by many that i am wrong, as it is one of 2 places to take the course, other being a 3 year masters course at queens.

I am being forced to the gym at lest 2 times a week. When i say "forced" i don't really mean that, as i agreed to go of my own free will, but have gym buddies that remind me that i said i would and the glorious guilt sets in and I go. we will see how long this lasts.

Christmas was a drunken good time, I wish I had had longer at home, I miss my family and I miss waterloo. I miss my friends of which i am neglecting to call or write which makes me a bad friend. I would like to say in my defence that i get so depressed that all i want to do is curl up in a ball and sleep which is usually the outcome. I wish i had the strength of character to be on the ball all the time. Many people here have commented that i am a Ball of energy and bubbly all the time. I wish that were true.

Anyways, it is the beginning of another school term and I am already behind in my readings, probably because i can not take my text book seriously. The new classes look interesting, i have had two of 6 we shall see if the rest are going to be alright or not.

On that note, i am off to bed, sleep is good, it seems it is the only thing good at the moment.