Wednesday, 29 July 2009


And so my camera has decided to not work. I am hoping that all the batteries i have are just not good enough to turn it on. Paycheck number one should help in that department. Time to buy some really good re-chargeable batteries. SO no fun pictures of the crazy creation I made, Next time!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

New Location New Attempt at Blogging!

So Edmonton,

That is where I am currently living. I should probably eventually settle down and pick a place to live for more than one year at a time. Well that is the theory. I am all about the theories, which most people know. Anyways I had the most amazing road trip with Justine coming out here. Love her to bits, and would not have done the trip without her. Here are a few pictures of our adventure across this crazy country:

Yes that is a giant tomahawk and yes it was in a town called cut knife and yes we feared for our lives just a little bit.

You also must love the signs telling you that death and injury have occurred on the hike you are about to do!

This is our new friend and mascot :
Maurice Le Castor
I believe he helped keep us sane after the 10 hour driving days

If you look close enough you can sea that we are both sporting the glasses with sunglasses
over top. The glories of oversized sunglasses!

So the new theory is that I am going to try and actually update this blog more often than one every few months. I am going to give it some actual effort this time or as I said, as the theory goes!