Thursday, 3 January 2013

Another World

So I am just over half way through my time here in Ontario and it feels like I have been here for months, while my real life in winnipeg feels like some sort of dream. This happens every time I travel. Where ever I am is real and my life back in the places I have been and will be, seem surreal and distant and some what unreal. It is like I have hit the pause button on life in the Peg while I am running amok where ever I am at the time. The same will happen when I am back in the Peg. I will feel like the Ontario trip is the dream and the Peg is reality. This doesn't make me sad or anything. It just feels, I guess odd is the word I am going to use.
Where ever I am at the moment, I tend to forget or neglect to remember the unhappy events that cause me stress about the places I have left behind for the most part. And when I am back home in Winnipeg, my memory will rose tint my time spent in Ontario. I am not saying that I am unhappy where ever I am, far from it, I have had some very good moments during this visit, but there has also been some very stressful moments where I want to pull my hair out!
Maybe that is why I like to run away and travel and why I am restless a lot of the time.
Hummmmmm something to ponder...

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